Saturday, January 31, 2009

To Have and To Hold

To Have and To Hold is my favorite historical fiction book! Staged in Colonial Jamestown during the years 1620-24 (approximately), it captures the imagination and brings one right into that time and into the lives of the people it sketches. Filled with excitement, suspense, hatred for evil, love for good, and the honoring of the Lord, young ladies (as well as young men, too) will love it!
It's also filled with one of my favorite topics ever: history! The story in-and-of-itself is historically accurate, just the characters being "man-made", dates and locations being synonymous with the historical records and writings from that time. It also keeps the names of the actual people that were in Jamestown at that time, and the book has a reference "guide" at the back of it which tells one a little about the people who founded the colony, governors, dates/times of their government, etc.
So, for all those history lovers and/or historical fiction lovers out there -- you're sure to thoroughly enjoy this book!
-- Lydia
Hardcover, 429 pages, $24.00